Packaging Speeches

Conferences and In-House Events

Packaging is a critical issue and hot topic in the cpg / packaged brand owners world. It’s very easy to get people to talk (or sell) about what they supply but you benefit that Andrew Streeter is an independent packaging professional who makes packaging special and exciting! He will motivate and inspire your audience helping move your packaging needs forward.  He is a masterful authoritative speaker on packaging opening up a new world, cutting through its complexity to invoke new thinking and responsibilities of packaging elevating the audience aspirations.

He can captivate audiences through engaging approaches backed up by powerful visual content bespoke to the event. This has proved a constant positive. He is very effective in communicating across the different management disciplines, packaging believers and non-believers alike expanding the packaged brand opportunity for you.

An in-house speech is an easy and effective starting point to up your packaging game. It will get your team, everyone, on-board your packaging agenda. Andrew’s international vision and examples will turbo-charge your in-house ‘Packaging Days’, ideation and innovation workshops, supplier gatherings and the like and deliver a positive difference to your business. Recommended.

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Speaking Endorsements & Commentary

Consumer Facing Speeches

In recent years, often promoted by environmental concerns and packaging, Andrew has addressed local consumer groups and associations on the role of packaging in commerce and society. Again, using high-impact visual material Andrew can take a lay audience on a journey of discovery and much interest. It is an audience engaging event – you get involved too –  fun, informative and will make you think!

This programme is not a defence of packaging, but one of facts and unseen issues and the need for everyone to take responsibility of our engagement with packaging. Feedback has been excellent, we expect this to grow and expand local communities understanding of packaging

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