Packaging Advantage

Gain Packaging Advantage with MIDASTM 

Brand overboard? Anxious it is getting jaded, or the rate of sale slipping, or reducing margins? We have MIDASTM, a unique set of 5 proven packaging investigative procedures with exclusive forensic capabilities that will recalibrate your existing brand’s packaging or kick-start an NPD project. MIDASTM will revitalize your packaging’s multi-role vigour to the brand to bring you more money and lifetime security to your company.

MIDASTM investigative procedures transcend the normal packaging / packaged brands boundaries and are genuinely multi-disciplinary in structure. Conceived and built by packaging and packaged brand design experts, they are forensic and ruthless investigations across a 27-point formula. You gain detailed explicit analysis of the correction and direction of your brand’s packaging and design. MIDASTM is also used ahead of existing brand investment or new product development start-ups to save time, money, and ensure effective outcomes.

Results are delivered in a packaging workshop format to gain full understanding and buy-in across management job roles, to help you in overcoming any obstacles to change.

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The Objectives of MIDASTM are to

  • Boost your brands standout on the shelf and online against competition.
  • Engage the consumer with your packaging / packs to gain preference over competitors.
  • Ensure secure packaging sustainability of value to your brand.
  • Advance your packaging innovation and aspirations successfully.
  • Deliver original packaging ideation: inspiring and motivating – wowing your team…
  • …Leading to disruptive packs and packaging techniques against your competition.
  • Gain ownable packaging advantage for your brands increasing the value of your company.
  • Assess cost optimization in brand manufacture.
  • Absolutely maximize the packaging advantage of your brands.

5 Reasons Why Branders Use MIDASTM

  1. Uniquely, MIDASTM is built by packaging professionals to maximize your packaging / packaged brand’s needs, is multi-disciplinary, in-depth and unmatched by other agencies. You gain greater insights, lowering risk, plus a direction of travel that reduces your time and costs whilst maximizing the income and security of your packaged brand.
  2. You clearly see the packaging issues and how to fix them for a brighter future for your brand.
  3. You gain inspiration through the lateral thinking that is significantly inherent in the MIDASTM  protocols, generating applicable solutions to packaging problems.
  4. Adaptability: the MIDASTM 5 interlocking protocols can mix and match to meet your specific packaging needs including ideation.  This optimizes your investment, focusses needs and accelerates outcomes.
  5. Outcomes are always presented in an inspiring workshop format with a high level of visual material, charts and infographics.  This ensures your management team owns the opportunities, minimizing barriers and motivating beneficial change that efficiently returns your brand to full economic power.

Semper Baby Food pack relaunch had less packaging and was advertised with that fact.