Packaged Brands Masterclass

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

Create and Build Successful Packaged Brands

This masterclass reconfigures the role of packaging in commerce and society, building a new commercially powerful and validated foundation, and way of thinking. A pathway for CPG / packaged brands is then developed for your team to maximize the packaging advantage and secure longer-term profitability for your company.

The Masterclass delivers 3 immediate benefits:

  • Increasing the profitability, plus the long-term financial security of your packaged brands.
  • Boosting your competitive status in the market and strengthening the value of your brands and company.
  • Owning a new packaging vision across your team that reduces conflict and improves packaging application, enhancing beneficial change success across your company.

Create and Build Successful Packaged Brands is a unique masterclass created by Andrew Streeter from his considerable 40 years multi-disciplined experience over 5 continents with existing and innovative packaging formats. Based on in-depth researching and analysing how and why certain packaging approaches are successful, the criteria and hierarchy for success has been identified. 

This knowledge delivers powerful insights it a structured context making it easy for lay people to understand and be motivated, making change easier and with reduced risk for your company.

This significant in-depth expertise, trade secrets and know-how and so much more is laid out through a 25+ module masterclass. Outcomes are immediate and highly motivating across your team ensuring beneficial change to your brands and company security.

Features and Benefits

25 – modulesUnderstand the total pictureAvoids the design / supplier only trap, saves money and reduces brand risk plus increases brand competitiveness
Lots of animatics & examplesSwift and solid understandingInstils motivation for change and company improvement
Workshop styleEnsures participant confidenceDevelops informed debate and packaged brand improvement
New ways of ‘think the pack’Creates new brand opportunitiesRealization of packaged brand potential maximizing brand income
Commercially groundedMaximize brand profitIncreasing brand strength | Acquisition of IP potential | Kasen(?)
Multi-discipline / all the issuesMaximizes pack opportunityEasier pack change | Acquisition of IP potential | Increase profitability potential

Create and Build Successful Packaged Brands is normally a half-day format.

Re-invigorate a CPG / Packaged Brand

To take full immediate advantage from the learnings of the Masterclass a follow-on, very hands-on team session is also available to apply the new skills and re-build or even transform an existing brand into a fully maximize packaged brand, escalating its profit potential and instilling packaging success within your team. This is a highly practical and immediate return on your investment.

Both events can be completed in one full day (or two sequential half days) and deliver revised thinking, new pack concepts with a road map to achieve. This ensures your team has gained grounded understanding and your company a maximized packaged brand, or potential new pack or new brand even, all adding further profitability and longer-term security to your company.

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Senior Management Briefing

To bring senior management up to speed with packaging, and the opportunities it holds for the company a 30-minute packaging in commerce and society presentation is available.

Named From Gravity to Strategy’, it demonstrates the potential and value in creating packaged brands.  The owning of IP and the income with lifetime brand security that can be achieved for the business, adding further strength and financial success to the company.  Recommended.