Japanese Packaging

Why Japan?

Japan is an advanced packaging society creating constant improvements in environmental, value-adding and cost reduction of their CPG / packaged brands.  We are internationally recognised leading experts in this arena and support branders around the world with this knowledge for 40+ years. These Japanese packaging skills are available to you to grow and improve your packaged brands swiftly.

Andrew Streeter delivers inspiration on Japanese packaging through our PackJapanTM programme, he says, “my key message is simple: PackJapanTM can capture ‘more from less packaging’ through innovation that achieves sustainability, value-adding and cost reduction.’

We have 5 proven ways to help you grow and drive your packaging aspirations through PackJapanTM.

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Excited managers looking at Japanese packaging


  1. A ‘suitcase (or two) of packaging innovation examples’ coupled with a presentation to talk and show packaging innovation and change that will excite and inspire your management team and can lead to packaging solutions and brand advancements – simple and effective.
  2. Alternatively the bespoke bundle! Well executed Japanese packaging bespoke to your brands, the culture, a mindset of excellence can be feast of excitement, inspiration and adrenaline boosting, plus some humour woven into the mix. We provide a PackJapanTM show that delivers all of this and more, it is brilliant for packaging events, NPD days or ideation sessions.  Highly motivating it inspires the audience to think outside the box and be confident with their actions, realising that they should be getting more out of their packaging!  It is always a winner, as well as memorable and packaging development enabling – inspiring and recommended.


PackJapanTM undertakes research and sample acquisition studies in Japan to find and capture real packaging innovation that meets your brand or corporate needs, plus we provide a thumbnail of each pack’s benefits at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Moments of Truth coupled with an opinion on unit cost. 

You hit the ground running with this plan, which can lead to accessible packaging solutions and initiative-taking management team.  This is especially effective alternative to the convention of innovation houses as it saves you money and time and inspires your team with real functional packs and not digital concepts – recommended.

Bespoke Innovation

When your needs are very specific, we match this through undertaking packaging consultancy in Japan for you. Popular requests include:

  • Intellectual Property acquisition – we have a strong history of success working for clients with Japanese suppliers and designers, gaining their trust, and moving situations forward to achieve mutual benefits and implementing change.
  • Study tours with senior management to Japan to meet suppliers and designers and experience first-hand the Japanese packaging ethic. Highly effective top-down benefits for your organization that are easy to apply.
  • Investigating highly focussed or technically exact insights on a packaging feature need that you have – these could be covert as well as overt – where you seek a solution or access to one.  We find these solutions in Japan and analyse comparatively, find suppliers or any IP behind the feature and provide you with a range of options, plus samples in going forward, and with a justified recommendation.

Japanese greeting


We practice Kaizen.  It is the Japanese practice of (a change for the better or) continuous improvement. This is a powerful concept and frankly necessary in the application of packaging to build packaged brands in a constantly changing world. Kaizen will improve your company commercial security.  Packaging and packaged brands are an effective starting point leading to better built brands in your market, cost optimization and manufacturing efficiencies, plus help you meet needs like sustainability without loss of brand value.

We provide a Kaizen presentation which can evolve into a blueprint to improve your brands packaging.  It works, and you will gain kudos and income steadily over time and improve the value of your brands and company – recommended.

More About PackJapanTM

We identified Japan as an advanced packaging society over 40 years ago and have invested there to build our bona-fide and constantly expand our capabilities and powerful knowledge to help our clients’ brands. We are internationally recognised as experts in Japanese packaging and have supported many branders with this ability plus we have a large database of Japanese packaging examples.

Japan is an enigmatic country with special ways of doing business that can be alien to western groups. In developing with the country, we have evolved the keys to this understanding that enables us to access and work with companies there, removing barriers which you can benefit hugely from to advance your packaging and brands.