Move The Dial Forward

Packaging is a complex subject riddled with conflict. Andrew Streeter 40 years of multi-disciplinary international consultancy coupled with his drive for advancement, manages these issues successfully delivering effective outcomes for you and your company.

We can provide guidance as a collaborator for NPD through to launch, on packaged brand renovation, packaging innovation, by benchmarking your packaging / packaged brands, and have worked for government agencies on countrywide packaging studies.

Whatever your packaging intervention needs are you will be safe hands from the detailed proposal response through to our presentation of outcomes. You are in control and we are working in-depth professionally on your needs. Your time, investment in us is optimise meaning the Return on Investment is strong and secure.

Typical bespoke consultancy

Bespoke consultancy intervention is very much tailor-made to your specific needs, helpfully we can share three typical scenarios fulfilled by proven approaches.

1. Expert opinion and defensive needs

Where you want opinion and advice on packaging or a CPG / packaged brand move BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO INVESTMENT OR LAUNCH, or after launch where there is market disappointment.

Our approach always includes justified opinion on the mid to long term CPG / packaged brand returns, the packaging effectiveness at 1st, 2nd and 3rd Moments of Truth coupled with the packaged brand meeting evolving forces such as sustainability and the protection of IP ownership available to you.

This approach is explicit, providing decisive direction that allows you to make informed packaging decisions, maximizing your company’s’ commercial prospects.

2. Packaging innovation and change

Packaging change especially innovation is a manoeuvrer that must be undertaken with skill, determination, and proven certainty of a successful outcome – can be risky, but our experience and depth of knowledge delivers this creative skill and secure management base for you. And on packaging innovation completion you own the intellectual property of the new packaging.

It is always important to consider the approach and protected outcomes to packaging innovation, our approach gives you cost optimise packaged brands, ownership of IP and speeds up time to market on completion. This increases the value and commercial prospects of the brand and your company.

Sheridan’s 2-part layered liqueur has had 20+ years of protected packaging monopoly of sales.

3. Seize+AdaptTM

As a potent alternative innovation approach, we offer a packaging innovation methodology using a wide range of different pack formats, critically on pack features hidden as well overt, along with other ideas that can both technically and marketplace meet your needs. We invented and are expert at this methodology we christened Seize+AdaptTM which demonstrates ‘new to you packaging’ which you can see and handle, without you investing in innovation companies or taking risk.

The power of Seize+AdaptTM is in the depth of packaging knowledge, the research and analysis of potential outcomes which we present in a strong visual format. We use images in depth and detail, video, infographics and other devices to communicate multi-disciplinary issues to your team. You gain motivation, ownership of thinking, a direction of travel and stable packaging understanding all in ring-fenced confidentiality – you hit the deck running.

Values and Qualities

We operate consultancy activity to principles and resources that are important in delivering a successful outcome for you, including:

  • Absolute secrecy – your packaging needs are made hidden through proactive procedures that ring-fence and isolate your interests from external awareness or investigation. Your development interests are fully protected.
  • The ability and facility to work with, and the understanding of, the Japanese culture that gains mutual respect and trust in joint business activities, unlocking this commercial opportunity for you.
  • Applying a proven staged project management method in which you have control with no uncomfortable surprises. New issues arising and actions required are laid out at the start of each stage. This guarantees you a secure and confident way forward.
  • Always employing a multi-disciplined packaging management approach, this is vital in delivering comprehensive and effective outcomes that reduce your risk.
  • A huge foundation of packaging knowledge and expertise built up over professional lifetime across many industries in the development of packaging ensures efficiency, and cost effectiveness in your project.
  • Strong in-depth understanding of the international packaging and packaged brand scene. This facility optimises the bespoke project procedure and maximises the potential for positive outcomes, coupled with professional opinion.
  • We only work for brand owners and have no links or commercial interest with packaging manufacturing industries. We are on your side exclusively.

We have….

  • Supported over 60% of the top CPG branders.
  • Introduced and inspired 1000’s of executives with the power of packaging.
  • Supported a cluster of government agencies across the world.
  • Become famous for our dynamism in Japanese packaging.
  • And lifted the commercial prospects of the companies involved and brought new beneficial packaging thinking into their management.
  • Supported a charity each year.
We occasionally provide pro bono support to charities. For Wi Uma Fu Sranan in Suriname, we transformed their cooperative CPG brands through a packaging strategy and various implementations. As a result re-named and reimagined Wi! now has over 100 listings in Suriname supermarkets, exports to the US and EU, employs 400 rural women, and the CEO was invited to speak at the annual Women in Business event in Brussels.
Andrew Streeter study of packaging in Singapore led to the setting up a Packaging Centre at the Science Park.

In Latvia, at important times in the country’s development, we have briefed in detail CPG brand owners about the evolving role of packaging across Europe

Have worked extensively across Europe, South East Asia, along with Japan, the America’s, Australia and New Zealand.

And lifted the commercial prospects of the companies involved and brought new beneficial packaging thinking into their management.