Andrew Streeter has a professional lifetime maximizing the potential of CPG / packaged brands for brand owners in FMCG and OTC through the medium of packaging. From this he has developed unique multi-disciplinary protocols improving packaging sustainability, adding value and reducing cost to make faster and better packaging decisions.

He practices the creation and acquisition of packaging innovation in developing new or renovating existing CPG brands and with the aim to add intellectual property protection to a brand to increase its value for the brand owner.

The David Attenborough of Packaging!

Anyone seeing him in action will agree that he is an inspiring professional and motivational speaker and has been described by the Australian Institute of Packaging as the David Attenborough of packaging!

Streeter Impact

Andrew has helped 100’s of brand owners and government agencies around the world – 1000’s of executives have benefited from the Streeter approach of maximizing the packaging advantage. Streeter’s two companies have won StarPacks and WorldStars for innovation, he is an industry reference point and has been twice elected Chairman of the Institute of Packaging.


In a world where packaging support is separated into designers, technicians, or suppliers Andrew’s consultancy CPS International pioneered ‘Holism in Packaging ‘delivering cutting edge innovative profitable solutions for brand owners.

His research company Pack-Track* enable brand owners to do some of this task in-house through an interactive online packaging innovation website that remains the largest and premier research tool in capturing pack innovation and stimulating packaging ideas.

Innovative, value-add and sustainable Japanese packaging innovation


Andrew is famous for his expertise in Japanese packaging to drive cost saving, value-adding and sustainability solutions for your brands.

He has made films on this packaging advanced society, provides research and has a substantial database on Japanese packaging which can be used in demonstrating alternative and exciting packaging solutions for your brands.

His knowledge is deep.  He has invested in Japan to gain his bona-vide and created a powerful resource with unmatched packaging understanding expertise, so that you can grasp an effective packaging culture to enhance your packaged brands thinking, and strategy.

Andrew Streeter Today

Today having sold CPS International and Pack-Track he returns to the world stage with a mission to continue his cutting-edge approach to packaging innovation and research with a focus on sustainable packaging, differentiation, value-add and packs for a connected world plus ensuring your brands have packs with an asset value that generates profits.

Support is both first world and emerging economies for branders wanting to maximize their packaging advantage.

Andrew’s presentation and company is a great snapshot of the current ‘why did I not think of that’ packaging ideas I can use…well worth the time…

Todd Beck, Colgate Palmolive