Packaging Innovation and Packaging Consultancy

Transforming the packaging necessity into packaging advantage


We provide decisive, multi-disciplined packaging intervention for CPG / packaged brand development that brings you more income, and brand security.

Our unique systems are science, commercial and psychology based and have a long history of success.

We are highly respected and trusted internationally, and have made multiple brand improvements across our brand owners markets.


Every second across 4+ continents consumers interact with our packaging solutions ensuring their commercial performance.

Over 500 brand owners, including 60%+ of MNE’s top branders have used our packaging innovation and consultancy services.

40+ years of Japanese packaging innovation know-how ‘Ma-Jutsu’ has accelerated brand performance and strengthened company management.

1000’s of executives have been helped to improve brand outcomes by our holistic protocols.

Our 40+ years of international packaging expertise are now codified in workshops to help improve your brand’s commercial performance. They are highly recommended.

We have won awards, support universities, S-ME’s, start ups and government agencies delivering stronger brand outcomes and commercial security.

How we can help you?
Seize Packaging Advantage
Discover 5 packaging ways to increase your brand dynamism and market competitiveness.

Think & Act Outside the Japan Box
Our Ma-Jutsu programme can transform your brands with original packaging…
Create & Build Winning Brands
This Packaging Masterclass enables you to maximise the potential and security of your CPG brands.
Bespoke Packaging Consultancy
Resolve complex packaging issues and drive your brands forward.

Packaging is multi-discipline complexity and its innovation or change challenging. Our commitment to you is to successfully maximize the packaging advantage of your CPG / packaged brands to deliver brand lifetime security and more money to your company.

We do this through proprietary packaging innovation protocols in our MIDASTM Packaging Advantage programme, or by Bespoke Consultancy, plus we can dazzle your team’s packaging ideation aspirations with  our Ma-Jutsu Japanese Packaging Innovation Workshop, or boost there motivation and knowledge through a Packaging Innovation Masterclass. The outcomes will deliver you stronger brands.

Our philosophy is straightforward: we turn your Packs into AssetsTM

We can support you from building robust packaging strategy through to undertaking critical packaging insights, successful packaging innovation and change, all bringing your company more money, and CPG brand security.

Explore this website to discover a range of services that will meet your CPG packaging / packaged brand needs productively, and secure profitable outcomes.

Our values are based on integrity and inspiration, these have steered us through packaging consultancy success and constant packaging innovation improvement.

We maximize the packaging advantage of your brands. Make a positive impact on the world.

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Entrepreneurial: created and sold 2 companies in packaging innovation and research.

  • Open minded with masses of packaging experience and expertise. A strong lateral thinker.
  • Helps you make packaging advances you can be proud of.
  • Wants you to make responsible and profitable packaged brands.
  • Also wants to help you to think differently about packaging :o)
  • Has helped 100’s of brand owners and 1000’s of executives improve their packaged brands.
  • Professional, thoughtful and creative he will open up packaging opportunities on your brand development journey
  • Trusted.
Meet Andrew

An inspirational packaging leader.

A serious British packaging consultant …with a British sense of humour.

Has a professional lifetime at the cutting edge of packaging innovation.

An international expert on Japanese packaging and Japanese culture as a dynamic beneficial packaging approach.

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